Nestled in the mountains of Northern Spain, the village of Balmaseda recently celebrated its 800th anniversary. This unique and wonderful village is proud of its heritage, most especially its 1100 year old landmark bridge. Providing a safe and secure route this man made marvel has been enabling people and commerce for over a millennium--- a true "Bridge to Success" if there ever was one.

It was with this strong cultural icon in mind that Grupo Balmaseda was founded in 2003.

Our company's mission is clearly defined by this rare bridge---its enduring presence helping people get where they want to go and the depth and stability of the Hispanic culture.

Our mission at Groupo Balmaseda is to help build "The Bridge to Success" (El Puente Hacia el exito) for all your Latino and Hispanic employees. We look forward to our partnership with your firm as we cross this bridge together.

The Bridge to Success ...
El Puente Hacia el Éxito