¨The key to our success is the Latino HR skills we have honed and utilize – it is part of our DNA.¨

Dynamic change is the key to Grupo Balmaseda and it runs through everything we do as a company. Our goal is really quite simple---to help you create a business environment that attracts, stimulates and retains the very best Latino/Hispanic employees. In so doing you benefit in two very important ways:

1) building a company of very qualified employees who might not have felt wanted at your firm before and 2) imbuing your company with a direct understanding of what the fastest growing demographic in the US wants as consumers.

How do we do this? From the onset quantitative methods are employed and good old fashioned one-on-one interviews are used to analyze every aspect of your firm.

We work with all your Latino/Hispanic employees to develop career plans to highlight strengths, address any weaknesses and speed corporate advancement. With your human resource professionals we will develop strategic plans to recruit future star employees. Finally we strive to create a workplace where all employees embrace and welcome these changes to better take on the technological and global forces battering modern companies.